Chocolate. Sweet, soul-boosting conscious chocolate

This may be the first time I blog about chocolate but I can guarantee it won’t be the last! Oh I’ve been burned before. Burnt by the promise of ‘healthy’ chocolate. Chocolate that is guilt-free, chocolate that will give me superpowers, chocolate that will make me see through time. So, so many disappointing times… and still no superpowers. 


To be fair, there are a lot worse things I could be eating than chocolate but these days, but your average supermarket-checkout-eye-grabbing bars are just so sugary and full of strange unpronouncable ingredients that’s it’s really taking the fun out of chocolate (with or without the added superpowers). 


I’ve tried chocolate ‘alternatives’ before. Carob, oh carob. You are probably good for lots of things but a satisfying substitute for chocolate, you are not. I’ve even tried not having chocolate at all but that did not a happy Lynn make.


However, I bring you news…hope, real hope from the health food shop aisles. A few years ago I discovered Conscious Chocolate. My good God, it’s great stuff. It’s strong, it packs a punch, it’s a bit melty and it is very satisfying and it does actually taste like chocolate. It’s not the cheapest bar you’ll buy (is ANYTHING in Whole Foods?) but it’s really, really worth it. I like that it’s raw chocolate, I like that it’s only got a few ingredients which I can count on one hand (and I know what they all are!) and I love that it doesn’t contain glucose, hydrogenated anything and that one bar is happily enough to share with fennel-hating husband during an episode of the Good Wife.


Keep an eye out for them if you’re looking for a guilt-free, actually healthy treat that does you good without making you feel like you’re being a martyr. I’ve seen them in Food for Thought in Kingston and they’re appearing in more and more shops. They’ve got some gorgeous flavours including rose, coconut and goji berry, orange blossom and all sorts. 


And you’d be surprised the superpowers you might uncover (multitasking counts, right?)



check out:







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