Kiss my face, breakfast bread!

God, I love this recipe and it’s a quick one to prepare, even if it takes a while in the oven.

I’ve been making this bread almost weekly since I first tore it out of the magazine earlier in the year. It has vastly improved breakfast times in our house and even my walnut-hating husband gives it a resounding thumbs’ up. I’m not a massive ricotta fan so we have it with yoghurt and fruit or sometimes just a slab of butter (good fats, right?).

I tend to substitute the self-raising flour in the recipe here for gluten-free self raising flour or spelt and I don’t get too hung up about which nuts and seeds I have as long as it evens out in the measurements in the end. I also often sprinkle in some of those milled linseed mixes – you know, the ones with the goji berries, pumpkin seeds etc in them? Plus our small person loves getting involved in all the mixing of the different nuts. Tick.

It’s a dense loaf and needs a lot of baking at a low heat to dry it out but it’s VERY filling and packed full of good things. It even gets the thumbs up from the very discerning palates at walnut-hating husband’s Total Aspect Fitness bootcamp gang (@TAFbootcamps on Twitter) who have been known to have breakfast sharing sessions when the weather is too rubbish for press-ups in the park.


This is also well worth a go if you’re not so keen on munching on unsalted nuts as a snack to get your essential minerals.

Kiss my face, breakfast bread….anytime.

Fig, nut & seed bread with ricotta & fruit | BBC Good Food.


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