Next stop: Hydration Station…

My, oh my, it is hot, hot, HOT here today. So hot, I wasn’t quite sure how to get my over-heated, Friday-frazzled brain to write about what I’d originally planned to write today. Since taking out the laptop, I’ve tidied my (unsuccessful) veg patch (a post for another day, sigh), thoroughly cleaned the table upon which this laptop sits, sifted through some Spotify playlists, you know, the usual distractions when you’re supposed to be working.

It turned out that alternative subject matter for today was staring me in the face.

Water. Sweet, watery water.

Now, I’m not going to win any prizes for telling you about the benefits of drinking water. If you haven’t grasped that by now, you’re probably too dehydrated to read this post, or you’re a raisin with surprisingly good cognitive skills.

As any reflexologist like me will tell you, drinking lots of water for the 24 hours after a treatment can really enhance the positive results of your foot love, helping to eliminate toxins more efficiently and balance out your systems. So there’s your tenuous link as to why I’m writing about water here. Plus anyone who has known for any length of time, will only very rarely see me without a bottle of water in my hand. It’s the closest I can get to the sea these days.

But really it’s not about the water today, it’s about what I’m drinking it out of. Stay with me…

Last Christmas, my No.1 Clever-gift-giver in my family (shout-out to Cara) got me the Citrus Zinger, the water bottle that’s kind of changed my life (just a little, but still). It’s made from the good plastics (is there really a good kind?) so it’s rock solid, durable and has a clever handle you can thread your thumb through to give your hand a break when carrying it. Granted it’s heavier than other water bottles so probably not your running friend, but really it’s all about the compartment at the bottom.

The fab thing about the Citrus Zinger is that you can make all kinds of refreshing and tasty infusions by turning it upside down, unscrewing the compartment and adding all sorts of fruits or herbs so that they stay there and do their thing but don’t make your water all bitty. I know, right? GENIUS! It’s part water bottle, part orange squeezer. Whatever will they think of next?

Citrus Zinger

Today’s baking heat has me delicately swigging out of it for some lovely Weybridge water infused with half a lime and a chunk of raw ginger. They give you all sorts of suggestions on the box for the uninspired, and I’ve tried basil and mint as well, which is really tasty. Due to a medicinal amount of gin and tonics in this house, we tend to have a LOT of limes lying around, so usually I just chuck half of one of those in and keep refilling it during the day. I drink a lot more water and it doesn’t feel like a chore in any way.

I know a water bottle may not be the most exciting thing to write about but I tell you, it genuinely makes me happy. It’s no world peace, but it’s rocking my world right now.

You can check them out here: if you want to join my new cult. Plus, of an evening, I reckon it could make a pretty nifty cocktail maker – as yet untested by me. Note to self for tonight….


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