Pippa Kendrick

Recently, I was lucky enough to get my reflexology-ing hands on an advance copy of Pippa Kendrick’s new book ‘Free-From Food for Family and Friends: Over a hundred delicious recipes, all gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free’.

It’s due out in April, and I loved her previous book, the Intolerant Gourmet which is a gorgeous book to pour over and I’ve made quite a few of her recipes already.

I’m not a coeliac myself (though I’ve an increasing number of friends and family who are) but I like to think that recipes like Pippa’s which are gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free, aren’t just for those with restricted diets and more interesting shopping baskets than mine.

What I love about the new book is the accessibility of the recipes. For those of us without a massively well stocked store cupboard (I do try but…), there are plenty of things in there that don’t require ingredients from the more hidden away shelves in my local supermarket. Although I like the idea of cooking with spirulina, lacuna powder and other exciting ingredients, they’re not exactly things that I have lying around or that our local Sainso’s always have! There are plenty of recipes here which are twists on favourite dishes without having to stock up on unusual potions and powders.

My small person and I gave her chocolate banana bread a go last weekend and it got a big thumbs up from team – very easy to make and in the oven in a handful of minutes and an easy one to make with the help of children.

Sure, it wasn’t quite as rich as a cafe-bought banana bread, what with it being egg-free, which is often what brings that richness to cakes, but it cleverly used a little flaxseed and water instead to bind and moisten and I have to say, it was fab. It still had sugar in it which is my own headache bringing, tummy-knotting nemesis but there wasn’t loads in it and the cocoa powder and bananas worked really well together.

I’d highly recommend pre-ordering a copy now and enjoy some really satisfying, healthy recipes. We’ve also since tried her roast jerk chicken which was a real Sunday lunch hit – and I’m not usually one to mess with a classic Sunday roast!


You can follow Pippa on Twitter: @friendlyfood for more recipes and ideas for eating gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free, without having to live only by way of the lonely lentil. Enjoy!


Foody Feet

To anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise that my first blog post is about food eventhough this is my online home for my reflexology life.

We all know (or if we we don’t, it’s coming increasingly evident) that small changes to our diet can have fantastic results on our health and well-being, much in the way that I have found reflexology can.

My posts here will be about reflexology, they will be about health and they will definitely, definitely be about food. I love to cook but more than that, I’m constantly fascinated and toe-tingly happy to continue to discover new immune-boosting, cold-busting, mood-lifting, and just general junk-replacing recipes and tweaks I can make to things I love, to make them even more gut-friendly.

I’ve learnt over the years that my body doesn’t work well when I eat much sugar, yeast or dairy (amongst other fun foods). It doesn’t mean I don’t eat them – I’m no dietary saint, but when I find something delicious and nutritious that means I can choose a tasty treat over something more tummy-paining, then I’d be a gooseberry fool not to, right?

Now, where to start?!

*dust cake crumbs off keyboard*